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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Several reasons why being religious is fun and awesome!

when we learn and experience, we see the beauty. Shabbos is a great time to connect with others and Hashem and recharge ourselves.

Of course, sometimes things are hard, like cleaning up for Pesach, but it's worth it to follow Hashem. Hashem gives us so much, both pleasant things and challenges that help us grow. Plus, the more effort we put in, the more reward later. We should also remember that besides nourishing our soul, we also bring positive energy to the world when we learn and practice

Side note, in regards to guidence, it might be easy or hard depending on the situation. But there are people there, we just need to seek them. It's important to have a good friend or mentor by our side.

And Non Jews can connect too with the noahide laws.

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