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Monday, April 4, 2011

The Torah is G-d's Gift to You!

My Email is Awesometorah@live.com
The Torah can also be known as the Chumash and can also be found in the Tanach (Jewish bible) For a free online copy of the Jewish Bible please visit,
and for good Jewish books and torah please visit,
Artscroll's the best type. you might also find good stuff at

if you cant find anything under Torah Try Chumash or Tanach and make sure your looking under books. and in fact even a Amazon or Ebay search might provide some good results but I wouldn't recommend it. Here's the companies i would recommend.
Artscroll, Matsuda, Feldheim, Judaica Press Atares, Koren Hebrew Publishing company, The Gutnik Edition is also good but make sure it's the entire Chumash and a further update. JPS is not kosher but some people make the mistake of confusing it as kosher.

Thank you for you time.

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