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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Important Blog update.

Hello Everyone,

I have to bring to everyone's attention that the daily Tanach readings will sadly no longer continue. For a while we've had on this blog Tanach readings read by Rochel Esther. Rochel Esther who I'm sure is a wonderful person and seems very good hearted and open minded just made an new video. In it she announced that her conversion to Judaism was conservative. That makes her a Gentile. This wouldn't be a problem it's just that she's masquerading as a Jew and therefore there's no real way to tell if her stuff is valid and what sources she gets them from. As of today her stuff has been removed from this blog to the best of my ability. If I missed a video and you find it please let me know. There will be no more videos from her unless she accepts a life as a Noahide or does an Orthodox conversion. All new videos will cease as of today effective immediately. I mean no offense to people who identify themselves with the conservative movement. I will do my best to bring you new material from other sources as soon as possible. Most chances it will be very similar to some of our old stuff.

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