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Sunday, June 5, 2011

shlomo carlebach teaching about "sadness", part 1

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Shalom to you my beautiful friends, wherever you are, let every minute and every second count, Rebbe Nachman says that "the greatest sin in the world is, to be sad, the greatest sin in the world is, not be filled with joy".
My beautiful friends, all of us want so much, we need so much. We don׳t have it, because of what happens when we ask for something from Heaven. Just think, when you ask for something from another human being, they׳re not going to pay attention to you unless you have a joyous heart. People are always happy to give to someone who׳s happy. So just imagine it: I׳m asking for millions of tons from Heaven, and here the heavenly servant knocks on my door. He wants to give me everything; but when I open the door I׳m sad, I׳m broken-hearted. Who wants to have anything to do with a sad person? So they throw me a few crumbs and take off. And even deeper than that, Hashem wants to give you so much you need a lot of strength to carry it, you know when you are full of joy you are full of strength, you can carry anything, you can carry the whole world on one finger, but if you're sad you cant carry anything, you take a little bit and the heavenly mailman takes off.
If you ask somebody for a favour and then you just sit there and cry, they can׳t get rid of you fast enough. But if you׳re filled with joy, if your heart is dancing all the time and your eyes are shining, then people want so much to be close to you. You know friends what the world needs most, everybody thinks we need peace, yes, we need peace, but you know why we don't peace "because we don't have enough joy in the world" and this is what the holy Reb Nachmen says, People only hate when they׳re sad. This is what he says, imagine there is somebody in the world who I hat e the most I cant stand that person, I just hate that person, and every day I hate that person, then imagine, bless me bless me, and I will bless you we should all be by our children's wedding, imagine my child is getting married, and at the height of the joy of the wedding, I am taking them by the hand and I get on the table and I am dancing, that's the most happy moment in my life, gevalt gevalt, how could I ever thank the one the only one for that moment, you think I am in paradise? Ahh, much higher then paradise.
At that moment the door opens and my arc enemy walk in, so I am asking you my dearest brothers and sisters, what do you think will happen? You know what will happen? In middle of the dancing, and I told you I am beyond paradise, something will happen to me and I will reach even higher and even deeper, I will jump of the table, and I will embrace and kiss my arc enemy and will say my most beautiful, most precious friend, where were you at the wedding? And I wont be lying, because at that moment it will be clear me, we never hated each other, Friends there is only one anti hatred this is joy!, and you and I if we are dreaming of one day the whole world being one, you should know, it will only happen with joy.
We all have certain reflexes. They don׳t come from our head, they come from our insides. You don׳t like to shake hands with somebody that has dirty hands. Even if you have to, because you have good manners, you don׳t want to, and you try to take your hand back as fast as possible. If someone has clean hands, you like to shake hands with him. If you love someone you can hold their hands forever. Our holy rabbis teach us, sadness makes us dirty. It׳s the sprit of uncleanness, unholiness descends upon the person. Believe me; most friendships break up because there is not enough joy in them.

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