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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Choose Life

When you look at war, Many times an inferior defending army will beat a much larger opposing army. With Emuna we must conclude that It's H' The Master of Legions who in the end of the day decides the battle but if you look at the contributing factors, The soldiers of the defending army fight harder and stronger than the soldiers of the attacking army, Why? The attackers are fighting for their own greed or because they get paid to or their general tells them to. The defenders are defending their homes and families. They're fighting for something greater than themselves. From an outside prospective the Torah and commandments seem tedious and unreasonable but thats when you don't live, When you only live for yourself. But as Moses our beloved teacher said, "I place before you Good and life and bad and death and you shall choose life." When we choose life and choose to live for G-d the that is the true life!

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