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Thursday, May 17, 2012

My secret to weight loss.

Here are some good books on faith I'd recommend, Negative emotions are bad for weight loss and faith will help you to cure yourself of negative emotions!

The Tanach (Jewish Bible) By Moses our Teacher, Joshua, Samuel The Prophet, King David, King Solomon, The Academy of King Hezakiah, Jeremiah the Prophet, Ezra Scribe and The Men of the Great Assembly, This Edition the Artscroll Stone Edition By Rabbi Nosson Scherman. :Note that there's many translation but this one is a very good translation. All men may be created equal but not all translations are created equal. This is a great book for connecting to God and includes the Book of Psalms by King David of Israel and Judea as well as many other great books!


The Book of Psalms by King David of Israel and Judea is another book I'd strongly recommend If You would like it separate from the Tanach! It's a book that's filled with emotion and Praise and prayers toward God this edition is by Rabbi Hillel Danziger and edited by Rabbi Nosson Scherman.


I'd also recommend the Garden of Emuna By Rabbi Shalom Arush which is a great book for building faith and becoming happy, Available In English, French, German, Hebrew, Italian, Persian, Russian and Yiddish at


The Garden of Peace By Rabbi Shalom Arush which is the ultimate guide for marital peace for Men only and Women's Wisdom By Rabbi Shalom Arush the ultimate marital guide for women only which are both available in many languages at,


The Trail to Tranquility which is the ultimate guide to ridding oneself of anger by my good friend Rabbi Lazer Brody available at,


A great book for learning how to do personal prayer from the heart is In Forest Fields By Rabbi Shalom Arush, available in Hebrew, English and French at,


A Great book to help you yearn is The Garden of Yearning by Rabbi Shalom Arush available in Hebrew and English at,


A great book for financial gain is the Garden of Riches by Rabbi Shalom Arush available in Hebrew and English at,


Some great websites are,

http://www.chabad.org/ which is filled with great information about Judaism

My good friend Rabbi Lazer Brody's blog,


My good friend Rabbi Lazer Brody's radio show,


A great sight for Non Jews is,


A great radio show from the people who run Noahide nations is,


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