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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Counting your blessings

In life we humans tend to complain a lot but before complaining it's good to see if complaining is really worth it. I mean look at all the unnecessary pleasures that G-d has given you. If you are reading this than you most chances ether have a computer or a mobile device that can use the internet. If you have that than that means you also have electricity, I'd assume most chances you don't live in a glass less adobe hut the size of a closet but that you most chances live in at least an apartment. I'd also assume you probably have piped water and heated water. On pandora you've got orchestras and bands just waiting to perform for you. Many of you probably have cars or at least you can take the bus which sure beat horseback and even riding a horse is an unnecessary pleasure. You probably also have enough food with true is a necessity but alas, something not everyone has. there's people around the world starving to death, If you aren't one of them which I'd assume you aren't because you can afford some device that can access the internet than you should thank G-d that you have food, the list goes on and on. I for one live like a king, sure I may not live in a palace but I'm well fed, and have all these wonderful things I don't even need to live like a computer and electricity etc. As always thank you for reading Awesometorah!

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