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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Have a wonderful Yom Kippur!

I'd like to wish everyone a great Yom Kippur, an easy, meaningful and fast fast, and a wonderful repentance. May G-d bless you all with nothing but the best forgiveness and mercy from all harsh Rosh Hashana judgements and have you merit a wonderful year ahead full of blessings, love, joy, Connection with G-d, Spiritual awareness, absolute faith in G-d, Lots of good Torah learning and may He bless you and your families with good health and may He bless us all with the ingathering of the exiles, the rebuilding of The Temple, the coming of the Messiah, The Rebuilding of Jerusalem, the return of Priestly service in the Temple, the reestablishment of the Sanhedrin and may G-d above all bless us by lovingly returning us to him. May it be speedy and with G-d's help this year! Amen!

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